Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas 2009

We had a wonderful Christmas this year. Sammi finally understood what Santa was all about. She was so excited for him to come and leave her gifts. Whenever she heard to doorbell ring, she always thought it was him. She would run to the door and say, "It's Santa! It's Santa!" Of course, we tried to teach Samantha what Christmas was really about. I think she understood a little bit better when we went to Temple Square in downtown Salt Lake. We took her to see the Christus and she was excited to see Jesus. She kept saying "Jesus! He is all white." Christmas morning, Samantha was excited to discover Santa had come and left her a little kitchen. She loves it and loves pretending to make us food to eat.
Overall, we had a delightful Christmas spending time with family and loved ones. We enjoyed the special spirit Christmas brought into our home and hearts. We hope each of you had a wonderful Christmas this year.