Thursday, September 20, 2007

6th Month Pictures
My sister, Laura, was in town last week with her son, Elijah. My family decided to have pictures taken of the three grandkids at Kiddie Kandids. So my mom, sister-in-law, and I went shopping a few weeks ago to get matching outfits. The day of pictures came and it was a nightmare. We were there for 3 hours and all the grandkids were so cranky. Sammi pretty much screamed the whole time because she was tired and hungry. Plus it didn't help that she didn't like the girl who was taking the pictures. We were supposed to have a picture of all three grandkids together, but that didn't happen. We finally had to do individual pictures. Sammi eventually fell asleep on my shoulder and that is how we got any pictures of her. What a day! Even though it was three hours of torture, her pictures turned out pretty cute.

Sammi got this ducky outfit from her Aunt Val. I am thinking of using it for one of her Halloween costumes for when we are outside because it is so warm. I thought she looked adorable in it.

Sammi chillin' on the couch.

We have been experimenting with giving Sammi different kinds of baby foods. So far, she loves applesauce, sweet potato, bananas, and carrots. These pics are the first time I gave her sweet potatos. She was such a mess when I was done.
A little fact for my family members out there, Sammi HATES green beans. I was brave and fed them to her the other night. She was so disgusted that she gagged on them. Like mother, like daughter. (For those of you who are not family members, I have been known and teased all my life for hating green beans).

Sammi has these funny pajamas that she got from her Aunt Crystal. They say "hop into bed" and they have these little frogs on them. We put them on her for the first time a couple of weeks ago and thought she looked hilarious. Here are the pics.

The Spike
When Sammi was born, she had this tuft of hair on top of her head that was really long. She had some hair on the sides and in the back, but most of it has fallen out. She still has her little "mohawk" on top and one day I decided to spike it for fun. It was actually the day of my sister, Val's, birthday. We have a picture of her saying Happy Birthday to Aunt Val.