Friday, May 15, 2009

Race for the Cure 2009

Last Saturday, we did the Race for the Cure for Breast Cancer. It is a 5k race in downtown SLC. This year, all of Kyle's siblings and their kids did the race (expect for Craig who lives in Texas). We had T-shirts made for all the Grandkids that said, "Racing for Grandma". Kyle's mom has been a breast cancer survivor for 15 years. After the race, she participates in the Survivor Parade with all the other breast cancer survivors. This year was particularly emotional because the week before, we found out that her cancer is back and in the fourth stage. The doctors are being optimistic and telling her that even though it is in the fourth stage, the cancer is still treatable. This week she has already undergone radiation treatments and will soon be doing chemotherapy. We are all praying for the best and hoping that she will recover. We just can't live without our Grandma!

Mother's Day 2009
Here are some pictures from Mother's Day. Kyle gave me some cute decorations to go into our new place. Sammi was not very happy at church. I felt bad for Kyle because he ended up spending most of Church in the foyer chasing Sam. Oh well, at least I enjoyed Church! As tradition, we tried to take some pictures of me and Sammi. And as usual, she hated taking the pictures and tried to run away from the camera. Overall, a pretty normal Mother's Day.