Saturday, May 31, 2008

A couple of weeks ago, we went hiking with Kyle's family on a Monday night. It was the perfect weather and Sammi loved being outside. We hiked above his parent's home to a cave that had Indian paintings. It was a fun adventure.

Beautiful scenery!

Sammi's cousin Ammon

The Indian Paintings. Cool, huh!

Mother's Day
I know it is way past Mother's Day, but I haven't had the chance to update our blog. Sorry everyone! This has been my second Mother's Day since Sammi came into our lives. Because of her, they have become very special days for me. I love being a mother. It is the hardest job I have ever done, but well worth it. And days when Sammi is screaming because she is getting her back molars in (and I want to just cry, too) I can look back at this day and think of the good moments. I hope all you mothers out there had a very special day.

Here are some pictures of Sammi on Mother's Day last year. She was only 2 months old. I thought it would be fun to post them and show you how much she has grown.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Race for the Cure
Kyle's mom is a breast cancer survivor of 13 years. On Saturday, we ran the 5k breast cancer race with his parents. It was really fun. We took Sammi in the stroller and she had a blast watching all the people. And when I say all the people, I mean the thousands of people that were there. It was a special moment to see all these people racing for those who have passed away from breast cancer and those who have survived it. After the race, they had a parade for the survivors and they all marched out according to how many years they have survived. It was a beautiful tribute and we were so thankful we could go and support Kyle's mom. She is such a blessing in our lives and we are so grateful she is a survivor. She is such a kind and caring woman. She always has a positive outlook on life and will support you with whatever you are doing. She already has been an important person in Samantha's life and she loves her so much. We love you Grandma!

Sammi & Grandma

Grandma, Aunt Jill & Aunt Jeannie

Aunt Jill, Aunt Sue, Grandma, and Aunt Jeannie
(Aunt Sue and Grandma are both survivors)

Survivor Parade

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Thanks Goodness for Grandmas
Sammi loves her Grandmas and thinks they are the best. She gets to go to their houses and play and they always have snacks. What more could she want!
We were over at Grandma Worsley's house the other day and Sammi was having a blast playing with her. At first they were playing hide and go seek. Sammi would bury her head in the floor and wait for Grandma to hide. Then she would look for her and laugh so hard when she found her. Eventually, Sammi discovered the bag of newspapers and was laughing while she was taking them out. We had never seen her laugh so hard. It could have been the fact that it was way past her bed time and she was what my dad calls "punchy". Either way, she had so much fun with Grandma.

Daddy's Birthday Part 2
We celebrated Kyle's birthday on Saturday at his parent's house. It was a lot of fun and we made his signature dessert: cheesecake. We bring it every year for his birthday and everyone just inhales it. Here are the pictures.

Sammi saw her daddy opening his presents, so she decided to help.

Sammi checking out what he got.

Sammi trying her daddy's famous cheesecake for the first time.

Daddy's Birthday
It was Kyle's birthday last Friday. To celebrate, Sammi made him a birthday card (well, I helped). In it, she listed the top 10 things she loves about her daddy. Some on the list included him chasing her around the living room, teaching her silly faces, and letting her play with his cell phone so she can call all sorts of people (including our bishop). She is such a nut, but we love her anyway!

Daddy reading Sammi's card while she watches her favorite show: Backyardigans. We had to put it on so she would sit still through the pictures.

Sammi looking at her card to make sure everything is correct.

If you notice in the pictures, Sammi has a pink curler in her hair. I have to put her hair in a curler because it is so long and straight on top that it would just fall over like a comb over. When it does this, we call it Grandpa Worsley's comb over. Sorry Grandpa!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Hello! How are you today? Thanks for looking at my blog!