Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sammi is walking.....well, sort of!
She can't quite walk on her own, but this is one step closer!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

We have discovered that Sammi loves going to the park. We took her a couple of times the past week and she couldn't get enough. She loved swinging.....

And sliding....
But I think most of all, she liked being outside after being cooped up inside for a week because we were all sick.

She loved the swing so much, we had to take a video. She was so excited that she would just kick her legs.

Sammi and I were really sick all week. We both had a cough, runny nose, and sore throat. Poor Sammi just wanted to be held and didn't want to play with any of her toys. Sometimes she would just lie on the floor and fall asleep. I felt so bad for her. Luckily, she is feeling better.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter 2008
We had a beautiful Easter this year. Sammi wore her new Easter dress to church and we had a lot of fun looking for our Easter baskets. Then we went and visited Grandma & Grandpa Lindeman.

On Easter morning, Sammi was so busy playing with her toys from her birthday that she didn't want to go find her Easter basket. We finally had to pull her away from them.

Sammi finding her Easter basket

Daddy with his Easter basket.

Mommy with her Easter basket (notice Sammi trying to grab it).

Pictures of us after church

Pictures of Sammi and Avery at Grandma & Grandpa's house

This is Sammi's birthday party that we had at our church on Saturday. Lots of friends and family came and it was a blast. Sammi was a little cranky because she was a little sick, but I hoped she had fun.

Sammi's birthday cake.

Sammi's presents.

Sammi eating her birthday cake.

Samantha's Birthday
March 20, 2008

I can't believe it has been one year since our precious girl entered our lives. She has been such a blessing to us and we love her so much! She brings laughter, joy, and a beautiful peace to our home. We love you Sammi! Thanks for a wonderful year!

We took Sammi swimming for her birthday. She was scared at first, but soon loved being in the water and splashing around.

Sammi & daddy playing in the pool.

This is Sammi in her new car seat going to dinner for her birthday.

You can't have a birthday without presents!

Sammi's new ambition is to be the Easter Bunny....

...or a flower girl.

Sammi loves music. I take her to a music class every week and she just loves it. This is her trying to play the piano at Grandma Worsley's house. Who knows, maybe she is a Bach in the making. :-)

The Worsley Easter Egg Hunt
Sammi didn't quite know what to think of the Easter egg hunt. She was scared of the grass so she started crying. We ended up picking up her eggs for her. She did like it when we went inside and dumped them on the floor. She had a blast playing with them.

Sammi's new favorite game is playing tag with daddy. They chase each other around the living room. She just laughs and laughs.

Sammi figured out how to make her voice sound funny by blowing into a cup. She is such a funny girl!

Sammi is wearing her pants like a turban. She is so silly!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

For Samantha's 1st birthday, we got her pictures done at Kiddie Kandids. She ended up crying most of the time because she was scared of the stage they put her on. We had to try and make her smile and hurry with the picture. Some of them actually turned out really good. Sammi is wearing her Easter dress. I can't believe how grown up she looks!

Arrrgh Matey!
Sammi says, "This here be my ship and if ye don't like it, ye shall walk the plank!" I was invited to a murder mystery dinner a few weeks ago and the theme was pirates. This is Sammi wearing my pirate hat that I wore. I was Sealegs Sam and actually turned out to be the murderer. :-)

We had a water leak in our apartment a few weeks ago and it was a mess! After an exhausting day of dealing with it, Sammi and Kyle fell asleep on the couch. I thought it was so cute I had to take a picture.