Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Worsley Family
Yesterday, June 20th, we decided to take family pictures. Kyle's brother is in town from California and is in the process of moving to Texas where he will be starting a dental practice. Since we are not all together very often, we decided to take advantage of the opportunity.
Our family sure is growing!

All the grandkids. There are 14 of us with the newest addition of Sammi & Jace.

This is Kyle's parents, his brother and sisters:
Kyle, Craig, Conway, Shirley, Sherlyn, Keri & Camille.

A Day of Swimming!
We went swimming yesterday with Kyle's family at the Bountiful Recreation Center. We bought Sammi some swim diapers and took her in the water. She loved it, although she didn't quite know what to do. Eventually, she just fell asleep in my arms and I held her as we sat in the pool.

This is Sammi sitting in her new chair called the Bumbo Babysitter. Our friends at the Relief Society building gave it to her. It is a chair that babies can sit in once they can hold up their heads. That way they can look around. We put her in it for the first time yesterday and she loved it. We thought she looked quite hilarious!

One morning Samantha was playing in her bouncer. I was in the kitchen cleaning and I could hear her talking away while she was playing. After a few minutes it was very quiet and I wondered what had happened. I went in the living room and found her fast asleep, tired from playing. She looked so cute that I had to take some pictures!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sammi is wearing her new outfit. It says on it: "I'm adorable. I'm cute. I'm 100% Mommy's girl". She wore it for Mommy's birthday on June 12th. She is getting so big!

Sammi loves to sit on her daddy's lap and look around.

Sammi is such a happy baby and loves attention. She has the most adorable smile and loves to show it off.

Friday, June 1, 2007

It's bath time! Sammi loves to take baths! This is her in the fun bath towel Grandma Lindeman gave her.