Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sammi is ever so curious. Sometimes when we have the TV on, she likes to pull herself up on the entertainment center and see what is going on. She especially does this if there is music and will start groovin'. Here is a clip of her watching a family video Kyle helped his mom make for his Grandma's 85th birthday.

Sammi just recently learned how to say "mama", but still prefers to say "dada". I think I posted on the blog before that I try to get her to say "mama", but she always just looks at me and says "dada". Well, today we actually caught it on video. The first part of the video she is being silly by blowing air out of her cheeks. The video turned out darker than I had hoped because of the lighting coming from the window. But it is still funny!

Sammi just learned how to groove to music. She loves it when I play the music that is on my cell phone. She particularly loves the ring tone that is in the video. She will clap and just dance to it. She looks hilarious!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day
I helped Sammi make a Valentine for her daddy and we gave it to him today. It was so sweet. She is such a sweetheart and we are so thankful she is in our lives. We would be empty without her.

Who me? I'm not getting into trouble!

Sammi doing the "Touchdown"

Sammi is 11 months. Time just flies by and soon she will be a year old. I can't believe it! Here are a few things she has learned recently. A few weeks ago, she started to really crawl. She has been army crawling for the past 3 months. She has finally mastered the form of crawling, but still prefers army crawling. Probably because she is faster at it. She loves to get around and has just learned how to pull herself up. She will pull herself up on anything she can-boxes, our couch, her crib, chairs, and me. She also has learned how to pull herself up and roam along the couch. I bet in a few months she will be walking! Sammi loves to pull herself up in her crib-to mom's chagrin. When she is supposed to be sleeping, she will pull herself up and cry at the door so I will come get her. This is a daily battle we go through because she fights taking a nap and will just cry. Unfortunatly for her, I am a stickler on naps and won't go get her. I will just put her back down and pat her back, which she hates because she wants me to pick her up. She will fight taking her nap for about 30 minutes and I have learned that she has a stubborn streak in her. Other than that, she is a ball to have around. She loves playing with her daddy and still says dada all the time. I try to get her to say mama, but she just looks at me and says dada. She has learned to clap her hands and also throw her arms up in the air (which we call "touchdown"). She also has learned to point at what she wants and wave good-bye. She loves being on the move and hates sitting still--especially in church. Lately she has become more aware of strangers and is very shy around new people. She will just bury her head in my shoulder. We get a kick out of it. She is still very curious about everything and loves to explore new things.

Sammi loves taking baths. Her favorite thing to do is splash, splash, splash! In these pictures, she had splashed water all over her and the tub.

One day in January, I was feeding Sammi cereal in her high chair and I had to run downstairs. When I came back up, she was fast asleep. I thought she looked so cute I had to take a picture.