Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sammi & Ammon

Last Sunday, we had a family dinner at the Worsley's. We were all playing games when we heard Sammi and her cousin, Ammon, just laughing in the living room. I went to see what they were doing and they were dumping the newspapers on the floor and just laughing. Sammi would dump the papers and Ammon would yell "snowballs!". Then they would both laugh and laugh. What a couple of nuts! They had the best time playing.

(Notice Sammi is just in her diaper because minutes earlier she had dumped her milk and dinner all over her and the floor. This is her new thing that we are trying to fix.)

A toddler left to play in their room = disaster!

A couple of weeks ago, Kyle and I were watching a movie in the next room while Sammi played in her room. When we went to check on her, this is what we found. She had dumped all of her books on the floor, pulled out her drawers and dumped her clothes, and threw her shoes all over. Can we say AAARRRRGGGG! When is this stage going to be over?!

She even started in the bathroom. Luckily we caught the culprit before she could do more.